Unlock Data Use with Functional Separation

For the first time, you can have both 100% data utility and data protection to maximise value

Anonos Functional Separation = Speed to Insight, Lawfully & Ethically

What Are Your Tools Doing For You? “Bathtub” vs “Open Ocean”

Privacy Enhancing Techniques (PETs) (like Differential Privacy and anonymisation) are siloed-only solutions that do not support decentralized processing; restricting your data use and quality (like a toy boat in a "bathtub").

PETs require control over the entire ecosystem, degrade value & utility and do not support many desired data uses.


Anonos Functional Separation is the state-of-art in “open-ocean” decentralized data enablement, privacy and security technology.

Anonos technology enables decentralized data use, sharing and combining with maximum data accuracy & value, all in compliance with privacy laws and best practices to deliver Speed to Insight, Lawfully & Ethically.

Functional Separation = Aristotle’s Golden Mean

Pseudonymisation-enabled Functional Separation

Anonos Functional Separation technology delivers centralized control over decentralized processing to achieve “Aristotle’s Golden Mean” – the desirable compromise between the two extremes of excess and deficiency related to protecting personal data and encouraging innovation, to enable lawful:

1 Data sharing and collaboration;
2 Improved predictability, scalability and timeliness of processing; and
3 Enhanced data value, accuracy and fidelity with improved privacy.

In a 2015 report on Big Data, the European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) stated “…innovative engineering solutions are to be encourage related to the concept of Functional Separation”…. [because of its ability] to play a role in reducing the impact on the rights of individuals, while at the same time allowing organisations to take advantage of secondary uses of data.”

The EDPS noted, however, that only “specialist organisations such as national statistical offices and research institutions” had experience with Functional Separation at the time and expressed hope that “other organisations [would] develop their expertise and offer comparable guarantees against misuse of data.”

Anonos = twenty (20) years of Subject Matter Expertise + 9 granted patents + Functional Separation Technology = Unlocking Lawful Data Value

Increased Speed to Insight, Lawfully & Ethically...with Functional Separation

Anonos Functional Separation technology enables 100% accurate, compliant, lawful and secure data analytics, AI & ML, as well as data sharing and combining.

This is possible both within and between organisations by using Anonos Variant Twins® that:


Separate information value from identity with relinking only possible via separately held “Additional Information.”

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Embed controls at the data element level that flow with the data. Protection and use policies remain in effect, even when data and processing are beyond your control.

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Control the re-association of data to enable selective, graduated relinking of attributes to enriched data for authorised purposes only.

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